The North Central Special Services District (NCSSD) works in collaboration with Temple University to offer members of our community a wide array of valuable resources, from affordable access to athletic and performing arts events to help in putting healthier meals on your table—and from job shadowing programs for youths to after-school programs led by local grandparents. 

Life-changing employment 

“Our work with the NCSSD touches the heartbeat of the community and saves lives—it prevents men and women from ending up back on the streets and overdosing,” says One Day at a Time (ODAAT) President Mel Wells. “It helps community members build employment experience and eliminates the need to conduct illicit or criminal activity to generate income.”

Wells knows firsthand the power of channeling negative energy into positive results. He was just four years old when his father, the late Rev. Henry T. Wells, completed a recovery program for his own drug addiction and founded the first ODAAT rehabilitation house in their home at 16th and York.

His efforts expanded over the next three decades and grew to 11 rehabilitation centers and shelters throughout the city, thousands of ODAAT graduates, and a global partnership with Hope Worldwide

Part of the recovery philosophy practiced at ODAAT involves providing people with employment in the communities where they grew up and encouraging them to give back.

Learn more about the resources available to you, and check back often for updates, as the list of programs and services evolves. As always, please reach out to us if you have feedback that you’d like to share.