The mission of the North Central Special Services District (NCSSD) is to serve on the Philadelphia City Council and build a coalition of business, resident and organizational partners to collaboratively enhance the quality of life for North Philadelphia residents who live adjacent to Temple University. The district strives to promote existing assets and foster improvement through the following initiatives.

  • Mitigation of student impact
  • Neighborhood maintenance and beautification
  • Promotion of workforce development and education opportunities
  • Public safety

We enhance neighborhood lives

Like the Center City District—which launched in 1991—the NCSSD is meant to draw residents, businesses and organizational partners to the table to enhance and support the surrounding area by supplementing the basic services provided by the city and the responsibilities of landlords.

Keeping our streets and sidewalks clean and safe is important for all of our residents and their mental health.

In these challenging times, it takes substantial resources to maintain our neighborhood spaces to these captain high-quality standards. This year, the NCSSD’s ability to continue its important work was made possible, in part, through support from PNC Bank in the amount of $50,000.

Help make a difference

Contributions from businesses, friends and landlords will enable the NCSSD to fortify our efforts, expand our coverage area and strengthen our coalition. Allowing the community to thrive depends on your generosity and partnership.

To make a gift, contact Executive Director, Tara Miller.

Phone: 215-204-344