There are several key efforts underway to beautify the blocks within the North Central Special Services District. If you have feedback about how these initiatives are working or how they could be improved, please let us know. 

Sidewalk Cleaning

In Fall 2018, Temple University contracted the services of One Day at a Time (ODAAT), a nonprofit organization that specializes in drug and alcohol recovery programs, transitional housing and services for the homeless. Members of ODAAT provide weekly sidewalk cleaning throughout the district and report back to the city when they see larger issues, like furniture in need of pickup, lots in need of cleanup, or incidents of abandoned vehicles. In February 2019, the North Central Special Services District board voted to continue and expand these services. District residents are encouraged to report any areas in need of clean up so that the crew can prioritize them.

PhilaCan Trash Receptacle Program

From November 2018 through May 2019, the North Central Special Services District will be the site of an experimental program managed by the Philadelphia Streets Department called PhilaCan, which will provide 35-gallon trash receptacles to homeowners who wish to conveniently store trash in front of their properties between trash collection days. More cans on each block mean less litter on each street — a win for all of us. 
This project was developed in response to a Philadelphia study that determined trash cans with lids could help reduce the city’s litter problem — and the fact that ours is currently the only major U.S. city without a municipal street-sweeping program.

Restrictions apply; visit the PhilaCan website for details on how to apply.

To report dumping or littering, call 311.

Student Awareness

In response to community feedback, students moving into the residential areas surrounding Temple’s campus will be given information on recycling and trash collection so they clearly understand when they should put out trash for pickup and what types of containers should be used. Temple’s Office of Sustainability also distributes recycling bins to students living near campus at the beginning of each academic year.